Health Reminder!!!

Health Reminder

Health Reminder

Health Reminder from Children’s House Montessori School

Please check your children and follow the Children’s House health policies as follows:

For the protection of all children in our care, a child should be kept at home (AND WE WILL NOT ACCEPT HIM/HER FOR SCHOOL) if the following symptoms are displayed:

elevated temperature        vomiting            diarrhea
stomach ache            skin rash            impetigo
sore throat            earache/discharge        red/discharging eyes/pink-eye
ring worm (tinea corpus)                   pinworm            head lice/nits

Children excluded from school because of suspicion of disease, or actual disease, requiring isolation, may be re-admitted when a physician certifies that they are no longer suffering from such a disease.    Some diseases need to be reported to DHHS.   These include, but are not restricted to, Hepatitis A, B, Measles & Rubella, Whooping Cough, Meningitis, Shigellosis, TB, Mumps.

Communicable Diseases & Symptoms that exclude a child from school/child care:

Chicken Pox        German Measles                  Hib            Scabies
Mumps            Measles            Meningococcus
Strep Throat        TB            Whooping Cough
Giardia            Hepatitis A        Salmonella
Shigella            Impetigo                      Lice

Thank you,

Children’s House Staff