Last Day of Summer

Have a Yes To Each Other Day

The idea is to say “yes” to every little thing family members request of each other in celebration of the freedom that comes with summer for kids. As soon as school starts, everyone will be back on tight schedules and their best behavior so this is one last chance to be totally unencumbered.

Re-do Your Favorite Summer Day

Ask everyone to describe which day was their favorite and why. As you plan your last day of summer break, try to incorporate one element from each person’s favorite summer day. If everyone agrees on one day as the best, simply re-do the day exactly how you did before.

Hide Painted Rock Memories

Capture your favorite summer moments in paintings on small, smooth rocks. This is a fun, modern way to document your summer, share it with others, and keep it alive forever.

  • Younger kids or those who aren’t artistically inclined can decoupage clip art images on the rocks.
  • Add one word that best describes the memory and printed directions for finders.
  • Ask that anyone who finds the rock use a specific hashtag and share on social media so you can see.
  • Take a walk around your town and hide the rocks for others to find.

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