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Children’s House Chatter: December 2018



December 2018

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Children’s House Chatter: October 2018

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Newsletter: The Children’s House Chatter


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Don’t forget to check your child’s folder for newsletters, school info, invoice and of course all of the wonderful work they do here at Children’s House.

Children’s House Newsletter

Children's House Newsletter

Children’s House Chatter: 9-14-18

CHMS Newsletter: 4-31-2018


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Children’s House Newsletter: 4-6-2018


Children’s House Newsletter 4-6-18


CHMLR: Spring Program 2017

Spring Program

Spring Program

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Children’s House Chatter Newsletter May 17, 2017

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Newsletter: 04/05/2017

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

 SCHOOL CLOSING   We will be closed on FRIDAY, APRIL 14 for Good Friday.   There will be no classes and no child care on that day.

SUMMER SCHOOL begins Tuesday, May 30, 2017.   If your child will be here at any time during the summer school months of June, July and August, please complete and return the enrollment form, along with the enrollment fee of $75.00. The forms were put in the children’s folders.   If you need another one, please call the office.   Thank you.

EASTER EGG HUNT   We will have our Easter Egg Hunt here at the school on Thursday, April 13 at 10:00am.   We are making containers here at school – so need to send an Easter basket for your child.

SPARE CLOTHING   Please, please, make sure your child as a cloth draw-string bag containing a complete change of clothing.   This bag should be left at school.   All items should be labelled with your child’s name.   Thank you.

TODDLER CLASS   Pictures and updates can be found on our class blog:

Password: Childrenshouse

Thanks so much to Trey’s mom for donating new books to our class!   We said good-bye to Nora and Seren this week – they have moved over to the Transitional Toddler Class.

TODDLER CLASS We welcome Nora and Seren to our class – they have moved over from the Toddler Class.   Kiser and Gabby have moved to the Upstairs Class.   Today was picture day – and all the children did great!   No crying!

UPSTAIRS CLASS   We are enjoying learning about growing plants.   We have tomatoes, peppers and potatoes planted in the front garden.   The older children are learning prefix and suffix, writing down poems, learning subtraction and making rain-sticks.   The younger children are busy exploring every area of the classroom.   We have also been learning parts for the Spring Program (more information later).