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Fall Festival: Oct. 26

fall carnival 2018

Box Tops: Out with old, in with the New!


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Pssss!!! for now you can still double dip old and new!!!


Children’s House PTO Minutes


9-12-19 Meeting Minutes

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Children’s House Chatter: 9-19-19



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Closed for Labor Day

School Closed: No Childcare

School Closed: No Childcare

Closed for Labor Day!


First Day of School: Fall 2019

First Day of SchoolYEAH!!! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


Last Day of Summer School!!!

last day of summer schoolLast Day of Summer School!!!

School Closed: Teacher Work Day

teacher work day

There will be no school or childcare provided today.




Health Reminder!!!

Health Reminder

Health Reminder

Health Reminder from Children’s House Montessori School

Please check your children and follow the Children’s House health policies as follows:

For the protection of all children in our care, a child should be kept at home (AND WE WILL NOT ACCEPT HIM/HER FOR SCHOOL) if the following symptoms are displayed:

elevated temperature        vomiting            diarrhea
stomach ache            skin rash            impetigo
sore throat            earache/discharge        red/discharging eyes/pink-eye
ring worm (tinea corpus)                   pinworm            head lice/nits

Children excluded from school because of suspicion of disease, or actual disease, requiring isolation, may be re-admitted when a physician certifies that they are no longer suffering from such a disease.    Some diseases need to be reported to DHHS.   These include, but are not restricted to, Hepatitis A, B, Measles & Rubella, Whooping Cough, Meningitis, Shigellosis, TB, Mumps.

Communicable Diseases & Symptoms that exclude a child from school/child care:

Chicken Pox        German Measles                  Hib            Scabies
Mumps            Measles            Meningococcus
Strep Throat        TB            Whooping Cough
Giardia            Hepatitis A        Salmonella
Shigella            Impetigo                      Lice

Thank you,

Children’s House Staff